Sara Belontz has joined our team!

Sara started her PhD project on May 1, 2017. She will be studying microplastics in bottom sediments of the Laurentian Great Lakes system.


Patricia and her colleagues talk about microplastics in Lake Ontario in a Lake Ontario Waterkeepers video

Here are 3-steps you can take to protect your waterbody from #plasticspollution:

1. REPORT microplastics pollution:
2. SHARE this post if you’ve seen microplastics in your waterbody
3. FOLLOW Lake Ontario Waterkeeper to get the latest news on their investigation.

Anika is back!

Anika Ballent graduated with her MSc degree this past summer and she is now the Education Coordinator at Algalita Research. She’s back in London for a few days helping Kelly and Sarah with microplastics separation and identification.

Yesterday, Kelly joined Scott Howe’s Grade 8 class from Woodland Heights Public School to demonstrate how we sample for microplastics in bottom sediments of Dingman Creek using a petite ponar grab sampler .